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  1. Jia Min says:

    Hi there,

    I would love to have a free gratitude rock.. as i believe buying one off the shelves, or websites.. doesn’t channel the true spirit of a gratitude rock. We should be giving thanks to mother nature.. for the abundance of beautiful rocks, instead of spending money on them – the money can be used to save a life.

    I really want one.. because i’m having my major year 11 exams this year, and because i believe that rock will do me wonders. I would give my thanks, and ask for no more than i am. I’ll be happy just the way everything is.

    I’m residing in kuala lumpur, malaysia actually. If it’s out of place, i understand. Please do mail me back at least, i’ll be grateful and happy to hear from you guys. Even if it’s just a simple hi or sorry 🙂

    God bless everyone 🙂

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