Gratitude rocks are fabulous treasures. They are a great tool to use as a trigger to remind ourselves to be in a grateful state of being.

About my Gratitude Rocks

You may ask “What is so special about your rocks? They,re just rocks aren’t they?”

The rocks I select are not just any rocks. They truly are special. Each rock is hand selected. I find them in a variety of places; my favorite rocks are small river rocks. Each one has been tumbled naturally by a river, waterway or even the ocean. Imperfect and beautiful, just like us. Each has its own beauty and presence. After I collect my rocks they are carefully prepared for you. I pray over each rock and each is blessed.

How do I get my FREE Gratitude Rock?

RIght here! Click on the shop tab. Be sure to let me know if you want this as a gift.

Where do I keep my Gratitude Rock?

You will want to keep your rock somewhere you will see or touch often.

For men, it is usually easiest to keep in a pant pocket. When you dress each morning put the rock in your pocket. This is the first time you may use the rock to begin your list of reasons you are thankful. As you touch the rock in your pocket through the day, think of what you are grateful for. At the end of the day as you empty your pocket to place it on your dresser, think about the moment that your were most grateful for today! Repeat daily.

For women, you may want to keep your rock in your purse. This technique I find doesn’t work for me. Have you seen inside my purse? lol I choose to keep my rock on my desk right next to my computer mouse. Through the day my hand will reach over though the rock and I recite my personal reasons for being thankful. You may try by a sink, discovering it every time you wash your hands. On your nightstand, the first thing you do when you wake up and the last thing you think about before falling asleep. What a wonderful way to prepare your subconscious mind for a peaceful sleep! Be creative, be thankful!

How do I use my Gratitude Rock?

When ever you touch or see your rock begin to list whatever you are thankful for. You may want to begin by saying…I am so grateful today for or Today I am grateful for…………….and begin your list.

How can gratitude change my life and make BIG DREAMS come true?

It is called the attitude of gratitude.

Gratitude keeps us centered and wards off jealousy and negativity

Is there a shortcut to manifesting miracles, a question of great interest to many learned philosophers. It is often said, “The intention or attitude we bring to life situations, determines what we create. It is my belief that how we choose to see the world, shapes how we respond to life’s challenges.” Being thankful is a positive vibrating response to the universe. As we tell the universe how thankful we are, we learn about being positive in our thoughts. Positive energy creates, and you can create your future. To learn more about creating your future, watch “The Secret” go to Watch the movie “What the Bleep do we know” and research gratitude, abundance, and the power of attraction.

Can you believe that an “attitude of gratitude” is like a magnet; attracting beautiful, powerful spirit energies? Focusing gratitude on anything makes it grow. Gratitude is a tangible miraculous force enriching and deepening the fabric of our lives. Try it and see what happens. Give thanks and be grateful for all things in your life including situations and events that are challenging. In everything give thanks, when you first rise and when you retire.


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